Thursday, 31 December 2015

Closing 2015 ~ 3 Card Doorways Spread

Doorways 3 Card Spread for closing 2015... Shadowscapes Tarot.
Left to Right: Doors Closing - the Ten of Swords. Dark thoughts trapping our minds, feelings of grief, depression, negative thinking, all those ties which held us back, that we allowed to stop us from flying, are now clear in the light of day, we can release them, these thought patterns were there to teach us something, but not to hold us down forever. The swords are our thoughts and beliefs as well as the words and beliefs of others, allow them to be free, to heal and to close the door. 
Second card: Liminal Places - between one year and the next where are we? Four of Wands.
Celebration, liberation, belief in magic and dreams all supported by structure and work, now is the time for the sun reborn to grow in strength, and also it's the time for us to do the same, follow the warm glow, work at
Our dreams, leap and love.
Final card: Doors Opening - King of Pentacles. Root deep into the Earth, connect with the wild spirits of the land, work hard at what nurtures us, and we will break free victorious and strong, now is the time to
Manifest, Love, Nurture and Respect through healthy boundaries which support us. 
Tune into the dragon energies of the land, the power spots, the King of Pentacles gifts us with a shining acorn, how will you plant and nourish it? 
Many Blessings for your dreams and mine in 2016 

💜 Much love, Laura ️xxx

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Card for Today 30/12/15

Card for today... Ah so apt for the turning tide of the end of 2015 - the Wheel of Fortune from the Shadowscapes Tarot. Modelled by Cobweb 💜
Before the madness of NYE kicks in... Time to tie up the loose ends of the year. Hold a simple ceremony to say thanks for what you have gained and learned this year (no matter how shocking the year may have seemed) and also allow time to release that  which is no longer needed before sending those wishes and dreams out for 2016. The tide is turning- align yourself with what you believe.

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