Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Seeing Faeries - A Seekers Guide

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This video and blog, is all about Seeing Faeries...

Perhaps it's easy to say you 'don't believe in faeries' whilst walking down concrete streets, browsing in busy shops, or while watching TV in the comfort of your own home.

But that confidence may waver if you were alone in the woods at night, listening to the shrill hoot of an Owl, as the Moon casts an eerie shadow through the darkening trees. Or while walking through country fields on a midsummer evening, watching the Sun set over a sparkling lake, as long grass playfully bows to the warm breeze.

Most of us were brought up on faerie tales/lore of some kind, from Faerie Godmothers to the Tooth Faery, we believed instinctively as children of a world we couldn't quite see, but could feel.

We knew Faeries were real, even though the tales we heard were long polluted by disbelief and religious disapproval.

Faeries (which is just one name for our myriad of beings we class with one word, it would be like, say an alien visited  Earth and upon seeing a mouse, declared all beings on Earth to be Mice!), have been downsized from Gods, Nature Spirits, Genius Loci, Protectors to Cutesy little mischief makers, tricksy trouble makers (oh which they really can be!) tutu wearing (which they can do, if they see fit!!), diminutive fancies...

Our Victorian and Post Victorian vision of Faeries is a far cry from how our ancestors would have seen and believed in them.

As our connection with nature dwindled and waned, as we foolishly began to see our selves as something different and 'better' than the natural world, dominating rather than co creating, the Fae folk and the Sidhe, slipped further through the veil. As the wild places were destroyed, so part of ourselves seemed lost forever.

But look at art and literature at the times when our destruction was, and is, at it's highest (such as the industrial revolution and recent times), Faerie lives on in our psyche, the Faerie muse seeps through the cracks of 'reason' and shines her beautiful light of magic and enchantment.

Although Faerie are of course seen as beings of enchantment, as the name Faerie comes from 'to enchant' or to 'be from the realm of enchantment', but let's not simply see them as the stuff of fantasy, and unnecessary frippery. Their magic is real and powerful, it's the energy flowing through the Earth, it's the power of creation and destruction. Their power can be elemental and raw, or it can wrap you up in a warm dream of other worlds and beautiful music.

They weave the song of existence through music, art and dream. If we allow ourselves to walk in awareness, to visit sacred beautiful places with an open heart, and sit and relax by a wise old tree, our connection with Faerie can awaken our senses, heal and ignite our souls and enrich our lives beyond our wildest dreams.

Seeing Faeries -  A Seekers Guide...


  1. I had always thought that faery magic and lore was all a bunch of silliness for folks who were a bit too fond of glitter (as if anyone could ever become TOO fond of glitter!)lol. But the more I have been watching your videos and YouTubeing even more about them and the work of other artists such as Brian and Wendy Froud, the more I am starting to realize that there is so much more to them than fancy. I am beginning to realize that these are real nature entities with real purposes. You have opened my eyes!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about faeries. I love your youtube channel and I'm wondering why it took me so long to check out your blog. Your a wonderful writer.