Saturday, 1 June 2013

London Against the Badger Cull

Saturday June 1st 2013 - the day when the horrific and senseless Badger Cull 'trial' begins in the UK. 
A day when the 'powers that be' ignore the outcry of thousands of people, ignore scientists reports that the cull simply won't work, and ignore the pleas of the RSPCA, the Badger Trust and many other organisations to vaccinate not kill. (And yes, vaccination is more affordable and in the long run a quicker way to eliminate the risks of Bovine TB spreading through Badgers.)

But also a day when the largest group of animal lovers gathered to demonstrate their love of Badgers and marched against the cull.

Thousands of us lined the streets of London, each of us sharing our own love of Badgers, dressing in black and white, donning masks, chanting, dancing and waving banners for all to see. 
Rose, Me and Oephebia at the Protest

My Wildlife hero Brian May gave an inspirational talk before handing the quarter of a million strong Petition in to 10 Downing Street.

Also the wonderful Virginia McKenna was there and gave us a lovely empowering talk before we started to march.

A young animal lover gets a hug from an IFAW Fox... 

My Badger Poster

As I go to sleep tonight I feel horrified that this cruel, needless and wasteful cull is currently going ahead.
But I also feel empowered by the day and determined, more than ever, that together we can stop the cull and save our Badgers, who walked this land for thousands of years before us silly humans turned up.

I am heartened to hear that there will be a full parliamentary debate about the cull on Wednesday June 5th. Fingers and Paws crossed that this debate will go our way.
Please write to your MP and lobby them if you can, let them know your feelings about the cull.

Please do what you can, if you live near a cull zone find out how you can help. 

Together we can make a difference and hope upon hope save our Badgers from an unforgivable fate.

Save Us Sketch

Thank you. X

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  1. What a great day!. Wish I could of been there. I've been badgering (crappy joke lol) my local MP about this cull for weeks. But she seems intent on it, she's a sport hunter so its something she enjoys, the massacring of animals. I really hope it doesn't go ahead. Its so ridiculous and won't solve the problem. Great posters you made!. Paws crossed for the Badgers!. I'm proud to be a Londoner seeing your photos!.

    Peace & love,