Tuesday, 16 September 2014

A Little Slice of Stonehenge Magick

A Little Slice of Stonehenge Magick A mini adventure to Stonehenge. Just a short video which hopefully captures a snippet of the energy I felt when I was lucky enough to a ceremony inside the stones with my friends at http://ift.tt/1yaux1D It truly is one of the most awe inspiring places and commands your respect. I feel (from the second time of being inside the stones) that you leave the circle in some way transformed... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for watching! Please share this video with your friends as it really does help me out. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find out more on Laura's Blog http://ift.tt/1ee5eS1 Follow Laura on twitter http://ift.tt/1ee5eS3 Laura also has an Etsy http://ift.tt/1ee5eS5 This video and all content is copyright © Laura Daligan 2013

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  1. Lovely, I really enjoyed this, having not yet been there myself :-)