Monday, 8 April 2013

Magickal, Mad March & April Part Two - A Deeper Healing

After the excitement and busy-ness of the wonderful Avalon Faery Ball and Stall in March we spent a little time on the following Monday morning finding solace in one of my favourite places Chalice Well Gardens.
Photos by Gordon C Burns

We originally planned to climb the Tor first, but the icy wind was so strong that we decided against it this time. In the more sheltered gardens we were still chilled by the incoming March snow, but I hardly noticed as the atmosphere and energy of the gardens is always perfect.

There is always a special bird which makes themselves known in Chalice Well, usually for me it's their famous personality filled Robin, who follow and keeps a curious eye on you -  a real emissary from the other world!

This time is was the magical and melodic Blackbirds who stole the day, scurrying around amongst the emerging green. The Blackbirds were acting like they owned the place at time of year. The Blackbird heralds the dusk and dawn -  the 'in-between' times (please see my video on Blackbirds for more info), and what more perfect bird to greet us in this true gateway between the worlds.

I love listening to the waters travel from the well through the gardens. I start my walk in the gardens via the gateway yews and walk up through the small gates to the healing pool. In late October last year me and two friends paddled (albeit briefly) in the healing pool (picture below -  of me loving the cold!), this was not going to happen this visit! Brrr

As I wander through the gardens up to the well and beyond I am at peace with the land, flowing like the waters, gentle as a spring breeze, deep as knowing.

The Red & White Wells of Glastonbury (the White Well is just across the road from Chalice (Red) Well) are places of absolute bliss and power. they both feel so different; one comforts, the other opens you up and allows you to let go.

The picture currently used as the background for this blog is from the deeply powerful White Well.

I always wear my Chalice Well ring, and as it picks up 'crap' from every day life it was good to cleanse it in the well waters...

My chalice ring looks quite happy here, after the cleansing!
My favourite place to sit in the gardens is a swinging chair, where you get a lovely view of the Tor. When I spent a few days in Glastonbury in September 2011, I sat sketching for a few hours on this seat, in the afternoon Autumn sun - I was kept good company by Dragonflies and Robins then. It's a perfect place to relax and wonder.

And then, alas it was time to drive back to the chaos of London, but I took a bottle of well water, as well as a more peaceful heart with me back to the big smoke.

The true healing power of water will be explored more in my next blog update, as well as the wonderful benefits I've been experiencing from Qi Energy Treatments.

Thanks for reading,
Laura x


  1. Awesome. I would love to travel there someday!

  2. Wonderful!. I have yet to go to Glastonbury but it is on the bucket list definitely!. That ring is so gorgeous!. Lovely photos as well, what a magickal place.