Monday, 1 April 2013

Magickal, Mad March Part One - Fire & Faeries

In the first week of March 2013 I thought to myself, buckle up- this is going to be one hec of a month, and I wasn't wrong! It's been a wild ride through the elements and through magic, dance, art and healing.

The weather has been... well unswervingly cold, we've had snow, Arctic winds and blizzards pretty much from the start, and there's still not many sign of spring arriving -  apart from some brave leaf buds, catkins and seeds on the trees. But that hasn't stopped the onslaught of spring activity.

So much has happened that I'm splitting March into three blogs!

The bigger events of March started with the Avalon Faery Ball & Fayre on the 9th-10th March. The week before was a flurry of activity, I prepared arty goodies, some Badger themed ACEO' (Art Cards, Editions & Originals), Goddess & Faery Pendants (also available in my lovely Etsy Shop!), Canvases and Prints. 

On Friday morning we hired a little car (which we aptly named Moonstone) and rammed it full of  goodies (plus Gordon!) and headed down to Glastonbury. We arrived in the evening, a little frazzled after a long journey, but as soon as we checked into Ye Old Travelodge, we were delighted to bump into the lovely Esther Remmington (artist and all round craft goddess) and her equally talented (and lovely!) partner Martin Winckles, it suddenly felt like the magic of Avalon was beginning!

Esther, Gordon and I -  Photo courtesy of Esther Remmington.

The traditional Friday evening at the George & Pilgrim is always lovely, not many things can feel more like a faery home coming than chatting with fellow artist and creative types including Linda Ravenscroft and armourer extraordinaire Terry English.

Me and the legendary Terry English

The atmosphere at Karen's events are great, it's a big ever expanding faery family. Every one I saw had really up-ed their game, as it were and their stalls and art were looking fabulous. I'm honoured when people like my art and it's so good to meet new people, and talk about my work! :) 

Here is my stall... big thanks to Jenny Holmes for making the gorgeous bunting for me!

The Faery Ball was quite an event, as I ended up being the entertainment rescue team! Stepping in to model a BEAUTIFUL Mermaid wig for Ghoulia's Perculiars, was great, but we only had a minuscule amount of time to choreograph the wig model show. With the help of some other mermaids and Faeries we pulled it off though!

Next was the fiery hight-light of the night - the fire performance. I joined the faery talented Felicity Fyre Le Fay's fire choreo using Fire fans to dance to Sister of Mercy 'This Corrosion'  -  awesome! It was a real high and something I'll remember for a while to come...

Above, Me, Felicity and Aria dancing to 'This Corrosion'  - photo courtesy of Deborah J Ballantyne.  We even made the front page of the Central Somerset Gazette!

There were some amazing outfits and costumes at the ball, my partner Gordon had a photography studio there and captured some magical shots...

We danced away to the sounds of the Dolmen, and drank from the giggling Goblin Bar, Esther and I were swung around by Terry English  - he sure is a strong guy! :)

Here are a few more faery highlights in pictures -  pictures by Gordon C Burns for a (glorious) Karen Kay event...

Above clockwise: Me and my dancing faery pal Freya, the wonderful Martin & Esther launch their new venture Triba Mythica , Sarah looks GORGEOUS in a Terry English breastplate, and Michael Tingle looking mischievousness at the FAE stand! 

Finally, some of my treasure from Avalon, a lovely Ivy Necklace by Triba Mythica and a Terry English    armour necklace, modelled on Liam Neason's off cuts!!!

More magickal tales to follow! xx

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