Friday, 20 September 2013

A Day with the Faery Queens & Kings - 28th September 2013

Journey to the realm of enchantment with the Faery Queens & Kings...

Spend a day away with the faeries and immerse your (s)elf in the myth, magick and rich folklore of faery royalty.

What do you picture when you visualise a Faery Queen?  The depictions of faeries and their sovereign guardians have always been diverse. Popular culture from Victorian times onwards has depicted them in a diminutive, patronising and often perverse fashion. But still they persist in our imaginations, our hearts and in the wild natural places.

You may say 'I don't believe in faeries' whilst walking through the glaring lights of the supermarket, collecting plastic wrapped food, but step into the Autumn woods at midnight, or through snow white fields on a frosty morn, and the world seems very different... unknown, magickal and wild.

In this workshop we will:

* Connect with and journey through the realm of faery
* Meet our very own faery guides
* Learn about the faery clans, their stories, customs and all about their Royalty
* Discover how to *see* faeries
* Immerse ourselves in the powerful female archetypes of Morgan Le fay, Vivan, the Lady of the Lake, Titania, the Snow Queen, the Morrigan, the Scandinavian Huldra, Melusine and many more...
*Walk the path of the Faery Kings
*Discover the Sidhe of the Hollow Hills
*Craft a little piece Faery Magic for ourselves!

Come join me on this magical workshop on the 28th September in Grays, Essex
Booking and more info here.

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