Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Hi gang,

As the situation with the Badger Cull is getting worse here in the UK, most of us are feeling horrified and heartbroken at the cruel Cull, which is causing so much needless suffering. Here is an idea for a ritual I will be doing. If you'd like to get involved that would be fabulous. You don't have to do the full ritual, you could just do the meditation/visualisation.
This is also only a guide line/idea -  please feel free to do your own thing if you prefer.
If you would like to, come find me on facebook or twitter to share experiences.

Full Moon Badger Protection Ritual

I’ll be starting the ritual at 9.30pm this evening (Wednesday 18th).

 It’s the Full Moon in Pisces, which is a deeply psychic, intuitive time. The energy of Pisces is going in to the still depths of our soul, so in light of this it probably won’t be a ‘wordy’ ritual, and more about feeling and strong deep, powerful intent. We may feel tearful or emotional too, that's part of the energy so be very gentle with yourself.

It might be useful to get a map of the cull areas to focus your energy on protecting (though it’s quite a large area) I’ll try and procure one today.

The intention of this Ritual is to protect the Badgers in the Cull areas and to send healing to those injured.

You may feel you would like to focus on just one of these areas - Protect or Heal depending on your skills or the time you have.

Cast a circle in your normal way, if you don’t normally cast a circle, then simply cleanse and create a sacred space, with incense, visualization, or whatever works best for you.

Invoke any warrior queen/protective Goddesses & Gods - or Goddesses/Gods of the Earth/Animals you feel are appropriate. You may work differently, with Guides, Angels, etc -  so please do whatever works best for you.

Light a candle for the Badgers, and place in your circle a picture of a Badger (or any other representation) and/or the map of the area.

Take some deep relaxing breaths and focus your energy, either on the flame or the moon, or just by closing your eyes. Begin to see a spark of light in your mind’s eye, it can be any colour. As you breathe deeply watch that spark grow slowly until it becomes a circle of light. The circle grows in size, form and brightness, and it connects with the protective circle other people have been creating too. When you are ready, send that circle surround the Badgers. Either visualize it going around the cull area, or picture the badgers in your mind’s eye and send it to surround them. Stay in this space of visualization for as long as you need to.

With your eyes still closed visualize the Goddess/God/Guardian that you have invoked walking (or flying or swimming!) around the protected area, they may carry a flame torch or other implements of protection!
You may like to visualize one deity guarding the Badgers, while the other heals and nurtures them, again whatever feels right.
You may wish to chant something like:

‘Badgers be safe      
In the night
Goddess protect you
With healing light’
‘Deep in the Earth
Deep Underground
Badgers be Safe
Badgers be Sound’
‘Safe, safe, in the earth
Safe, safe underground
Safe, safe in the woods
Safe, safe in this land’

As you chant you raise more energy and send it to the protective circle.
If you are doing the healing, use the energy raised to send to the injured badgers. You could use your picture to help.

Secret world in Somerset are doing a wonderful job of trying to help and look after them. 

When you are ready, bring your awareness back to the room and thank the Deities/Guides and close your circle in the normal way - if you have cast a circle that is.

Eat and drink something to ground, and keep your candle lit as long as it safely can be lit for.



  1. Thank You Laura - I Appreciate this ! <3

  2. Thankyou Laura this is a very kind and thoughtful thing to do, I hope the badgers stay safe