Friday, 6 April 2012

The Alder Full Moon

Full Moon Magick, Blessings and Balance to you! Tonight is the Full Moon in Libra, it's the first Full Moon after the Spring Equinox or Ostara.

 Full Moon behind the Alder Trees

Today is also the Christian celebration of Good Friday and the Hindu festival Hanuman Jayanti, which celebrates the Monkey - Warrior God, Hanuman. Hanuman symbolizes strength energy and devotion. So a big day of high energies!

The Full Moon in Libra represents harmony and balance. Over this Moon it would be a good idea to harmonise any relationship issues and learn to see things from another's perspective. As we are in the Sun sign of Aries (and approaching my Birthday btw!!) the energy can be quite heady, full on and self focused. Libra brings the perspective of balance and working in union with others rather than being head strong on one's own!

If you feel a tipping of balance, or a tension between you and others, meditate on how you can resolve this.

In the Celtic Tree calendar this is the time of the Alder Tree Moon. The Alder Tree (Fearn) is a tree close to my heart, and my doorway! As it's my Celtic Birth Tree, I feel a natural kinship with it's pioneering ways, and when I moved into my flat a few years ago, I realised in the back communal gardens there are a couple of large Alder trees, one right outside my window, which I commune with daily. It's probably bored of me by now...

My Alder friend

Now Alder trees grow where there is water.. and hmmm Camden is not known for it's great rivers - so me and a friend surmised that there must be underwater rivers/streams running by us, possibly tributaries of the Fleet, flowing below our gardens.

Alder's connection with Water and the Fae make it a psychically potent tree. The Alder tree is thought to be a gateway to the Otherworld, and wood from the Alder has apparently been used since ancient time to summon spirits from the Otherworld.

The Alder can represent...
  • Defence and Protection
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Pioneering Spirit
  • Strength
  • Faerie Contact
  • Spiritual Vision
  • Blending of Masculine & Feminine energies
  • Balance

Animals associated with the Alder Moon are Foxes, Bears and the Falcon.

As the Alder Moon is at the time of the equinox and spring, it's also known as  the Seed Moon and the Growing Moon for obvious reasons. :)

All magic to do with creative projects, new starts, fertility, balance and harmony are good to focus on at this time.

The Alder by my flat

Full Moon Blessings,
Laura x

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