Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Morrigan Shrine

Hi :) Here is a little picture of a shrine I have in my house to a Goddess I have been devoted to since I first took my 'proper' steps into Witchcraft in the early noughties. 

I remember hearing about The Morrigan, but not knowing too much about her. I went to an open ritual at Beltane around 2004 and in the group meditation/pathworking which was all about Cernunnos and nothing to do with The Morrigan, She appeared to me through smoke and mist and, pretty much kidnapped me at spear-point! She had decided I was going to follow Her now... and follow Her I did and do! 

The Morrigan is a complex and POWERFUL Goddess - whose guise covers many many aspects.
I will write more about who Morrigan is and her energy another time, and I'm also in the process of making a devotional and fact based video about her, which will be on my YouTube channel soon!

Here is also a painting I have done of The Morrigan... I hope you like! If you like my art - please visit my art blog and/or my website

With Love x

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