Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Hi there, my name's Laura and I'm a Wiccan Witch living in the City!
I've been living in London since  early 2003. I only originally planned to be here for 6 months... but here we are 9 years later... ahem!

London has been an extremely interesting, exciting, at times ridiculous (but never boring) journey for me, and to be honest, I've met some amazing, inspirational people on my spiritual journey here. London is an exciting occult centre, with enough wonderful bookshops, moots, events and festivals to keep the fledgling Pagan, Witch or Druid happy! After 9 years I am planning on moving out to the Country - but more on that another time.

I have a great love of the Fae - the Sidhe, and a lot of my blog posts may well be about these magical beings.  I have a fascination and passion for myth, legend and folklore, and as an artist I am usually to be found drawing Goddesses, Gods, Elementals and the Sidhe.

Over the past year and a half I've been making You Tube videos under the name 'Witch in the City'. There are loads of videos on my channel if you wanted to go and have a peek! I've had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing people including Faerie Artist and legends Brian & Wendy Froud...


There's also videos on Faerie Magic, Goddesses, Wands, Casting a Circle and much more.
Here is my latest video on the Wiccan Wheel of the Year...

So if you like the look of them, please feel free to check out my channel: www.youtube.com/user/lauraredwitch and comment, connect and subscribe :).

To find out more about me and what I do please check the 'About Me' section, or visit my websites: www.lauradaligan-art.com and www.lauradaligan.com.

Thanks for reading! More blogging and videos coming soon!
BB ) O (

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