Sunday, 22 April 2012

Tree Time...New Witch in the City!

Apologies for not writing for a few days  - it has been quite a busy time, I've been doing many many readings for people, and with Mars going direct things are getting uber speedy! I've learned at least one thing of late however, and that's how and when to stop to recharge the batteries, physically, emotionally and spiritually. On 'down' time this past week (or perhaps it should be 'up' time), I've been tripping out to the sounds of the Planets; no  - not Holst, but the NASA recorded frequencies of the Planets. I wont describe them - please go and listen on YouTube if you have a moment - they truly are inspiring, elevating and celestial which will soothe and stimulate you, as well as sometimes freak you out a little...

 It's almost Beltane here in the UK and we've been having thunder storm after hail storm -  far from the much debated drought we've been threatened with. I've been sneaking out in the rare sunny moments to relax with the trees on the lush green heath.

Before the storms I did this little video - with the help of the genius Gordon, about one of my many favourite subjects - Trees & Tree Spirits -  I hope you will enjoy it! :) As always please let me know what you think, and if you haven't already, please subscribe to my lil YouTube Channel :).
Here we go...

As you may have notice I love trees, and the above video is hopefully the first of many on these beautiful beings.

We are now in the Celtic Tree month of the Willow -  so I'll be doing a Willow blog very soon!
I'll leave you now, but before I go here are a few more photos from Hampstead Heath -  before the rain poured!

My new pal -  a gorgeous Beech, who lent me strength and support, as I wasn't feeling too well today....

 Me sitting by my new Beech friend - basking in the Spring rays and feeling supported - with my nice shiny new boots!

Bluebells!! I love Bluebells. The Faerie of Bluebell woods are known not to like trespassers, so tread gently and be polite when visiting them...

The Caring Tree - I sat for a while and sketched this tree and the surrounding flowers. This lovely tree (beech I think) seemed to have her arms outstretched over the flowers in a nurturing embrace, she also had a lovely face if you look closely you should be able to see!

Until next time - Happy Earth Day!
Tree Hugs x

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